Friday, September 5, 2014


Scholars get paid less /
Sport Stars more /
Whats the point /
Walking trough school door /

Point of view /
From me to you /
No shinny star , no brand new car /
Hypocrisy of school /
jimmy j

Monday, September 1, 2014


School starts tomorrow /
Knowledge to borrow /
They ask you to learn /
Walking past houses burned /

Maybe its time you teach them /
Time for man to mend /
Teach me then /
First common sense , then began /

Teacher , teacher you give me the blues /
Your education fools /
I need construction tools /
Your education will only make me quit school /
jimmy j

PS: Sometimes poetry is better performed . I believe we over educate , Often common sense and personalty will get you further ahead , We live in a world of who you know , A place where you pay to play .Aristotle lives here no more . Teach me of today's poets and philosopher .Always argue your point of view and listen to theirs too. Teachers you could learn from me too. Have a good year ..
jimmy j

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The man

Poetry from the corner /
A street corner kid /
Ghetto a flowing meadow /
That's what he said /

Searching ,watching hustling /
That's what he did /
Selling lids /
No black , no white /

Never in the light /
Arguments , no one right /
Fight turns to death /
Another murder tonight /

Detroit , Chicago same city everywhere /
Money is power , not right /
Wars with no winners /
Dope addicts , no sinners , Monet skinners /

Standing in front of a beer store /
A Lord of the night /
70 years of searching /
Still cant get it right /
jimmy j

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We can not go back to this /
Racism what did you learn not /
Tied my hands in a not /
Swing like like a pendulum /
A grand Father clock /
Your ugly face arrives again /
2014 You hung me in 1920 /
Vengeance live again
jimmy j